Need Unreal Help?


Quick Fix

Annoying bug taking forever to find?
U$ 25
  • Half hour-ish
  • Bug Squashed
  • Satisfaction you're not crazy

General Help

Usually what you're here for
U$ 35
  • 1 Hour-ish
  • Blueprint Making
  • Help with Features

Quality Time

Help step through your project
U$ 65
  • 2 Hours-ish
  • Consultation
  • UE Laundry List
Best Value

How live session pretty much goes down

You contact me with the form below, I’ll add you when I’m able (I’m a nightowl in Australia – works for most people!) and work out a time that suites us both within the next couple days – shorter the session the sooner I can stick you in a time slot

Communication – I use Discord as a chat client, as it’s secure, and got all the shiny things like voice communications, video, and screen sharing and extras like bots!

Fixing things – Parsec’s awesome, but Anydesk (no signups) is fine

Download Discord

Download Parsec:

Download Anydesk:

I’m human too

But with over 250 sales, I sure am persistent at finding out what’s gone wrong. Otherwise I’ll tell you what’s the best way around it.

Any doubts? Message me, might just tell you what’s up 😁

custom blueprint creation!

Every project is unique, and so should your code - that's why I'm helping you customise your experience with Unreal, even with plugins you've bought, to get out of the template + tutorial feeling your current game has!

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about ME

I do games development, specializing with Unreal Engine 4, I also do electronics as a hobby, making my own keyboards, dot matrix displays and such. Been living in Australia my whole life, and thought I might venture out into the world of freelance.

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